Bikini Body Recipes – Danette May Recipe Book PDF

Bikini Body Recipes eBook – Danette May Recipe Book PDF Download – Much healthier Yummy and Simple 10 Minute Fat Burning Tested recipes!

Danette May Bikini Body Recipes Book gives you healthy and delicious recipes and easy meal ideas that work on a cellular level to change your body.

The Delicious recipes in the Bikini Body Recipes Book are loaded with restorative healing benefits that would enrich the body with nutritional requirements and will effectively melt away pounds of stubborn body fat almost by surprise, increase strength and make muscle aches disappear, sky rocket your energy level, promote healthy joints that were wracked with pain and stabilize out-of-whack blood sugar levels.


What You Will Discover Inside Bikini Body Recipes Book

  • How to make your belly fat, love handles, and bat wings disappear with my 151 mouth-watering recipes(all with 5 ingredients or less) that you can prepare in as little as 10 minutes
  • The secrets to quickly losing bloat, flattening your abs, and cranking up your confidence with my 50 fat burning, easy-to-find grocery store items
  • 5 little-known herbs that provide a full, all-over fat-blasting effect and create an explosion of taste in your mouth with every bite
  • How a simple adjustment in your water intake can cause deep-seated fat to melt off your arms, belly, hips, thighs, and rear
  • 3 simple and natural ways to boost your confidence sky-high and avoid getting on the cycle of self-defeat

And Much Much More!

Why Bikini Body Recipes are Unlike Anything You’ve Tried Before

1.You will NEVER have to endure another grueling diet that makes you feel hungry and sets you up for failure, as you will actually eat more of the food you love, but weigh less

2.You will NEVER have to eat boring bland food as these are scrumptious, mouth-watering breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, smoothies and green drinks that will make your taste buds dance with delight

3.You will NEVER have to spend longer than 10 minutes inside your kitchen as these are easy and fast to make, and best of all they only use five “lose weight like crazy” ingredients!

4.You will NEVER have to worry about having a “slow” metabolism because of your age – as these use the proper combination of proteins, carbs, and healthy fats to speed that up instantly.

5.You will NEVER have to rely on will power to change; will power has nothing to do with weight loss! Planning, good nutrition, and proven tracking does — and I’m giving you all three plus much more

6.You will NEVER have to worry about having poor genetics, because it has never been down to having the RIGHT genetics. It’s about understanding your body type, fitness level and which foods melt away the pounds without deprivation

Watch Video Below to learn more about Danette May before you download the Bikini Body Recipes Book. Use The Link Below to Download Bikini Body Recipes with Other BONUSES.

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